need help with processor upgrade

well folks...I need some help on this processor upgrade I'm "trying" to do. I guess I need to give some background info first. Sorry this is so long...

I have a compaq presario (it sucks, I know) 5000. But it basically has a Mitac 6513wu motherboard in it with a 700 MHz processor. Well, wanting to drop only a few bucks into it to upgrade I decided to go with a new processor instead of a whole new board. I contacted Compaq and they told me I can go up to a 1.4 GHz processor with this board (which turned out to be wrong info). With all other things being equal (system bus, cache, etc), I ordered the processor (a 1.4 Intel Celeron). Well, I got it in the mail and giggled with glee...I installed it and....nothing...the computer kicked on and so did the hard drives but no signal to the monitor. Well, I was disappointed and did sopme more research on the web. I found that wonderful place and I was graciously helped to find that I had the wrong processor and was unable to use it because it was a Tualatan core. BUT...I can use the 370gu from which IS compatible with my board. SO I was happy once again and I ordered THAT. Well, I installed it today and everything was cool, sort of. I got the intial Compaq splash screen, but then nothing. Windows never loaded. SO I went into the BIOS and looked at the system info. It says unknown CPU with the speed listed as 0/100 MHz (where it used to be 700/100 MHz). My thing is this, When I initailly installed the chip w/o the adapter, I am wondering if I may have killed it. The original processor needed 1.75v and the new one requires 1.5v. My fear is that I destroyed my chip, but I had some positive news from various sources that said the chip is PROBABLY okay and that Intel chips are pretty stout. I didn't have it on there for long, but maybe it was enough. I had on the required wrist strap, so that wasn't an issue.

I am a die-hard Do-It-Yourself-er, so I decided to take this project on, depsite my in-depth knowledge on processors, but I learn quick. Anyway, my question is...Are my fears of a mangled chip pretty much the case or am I forgetting something stupid like some sort of setting, jumper or whatever? I got the latest BIOS upgrade from Compaq before I installed the new chip, but is there a third party BIOS I might need to look at to make this work? I have my old processor back in and it runs fine, but I really want to get this new one to work...

Any help would be great and thanks for puttin up with a rookie...
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  1. Quote:
    I am a die-hard Do-It-Yourself-er, so I decided to take this project on, depsite my in-depth knowledge on processors, but I learn quick.

    If that's the case what are you doing messing with a Compaq? Leave that whole mess alone & build a real machine & you wont have all the BS. That's my take on it.

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
  2. forget that compac junk. Do your self a service and start from the ground up.

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  3. I'm inclined to agree with the other two gentlemen, but if you're stubborn like me you want to get that POS to work.

    If you're able to get into the BIOS then the CPU is okay. You may just have to get a BIOS update from Compaq to get that 370GU to work.

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  4. if you've gotten the latest bios from compaq and the chip isn't working (the chip, btw, is not dead, if you can get into the bios), then i'd say compaq has not written a bios that will allow the use of a chip like yours (despite the fact that it's listed on that upgradware site...that's mysterious)
    i'd say it's a bios problem, because why does compaq care about its really old board, in a retail computer which generally enthusiasts wouldn't buy anyway? (enthusiasts who would replace hardware that would require a bios update)
    that's my analysis - you won't be able to get it to work :frown:
    crashman may have some insight into this problem...

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  5. Thanks for the insight ya'll...

    I know Compaq sucks...but I got the machine for free about 3 years ago and I only want to extend the life about another year or so (at which point I WILL get something better)...

    Anyway...I'm still hopin I can do somehting with the BIOS...but it's lookin more like I will have to put up with what I have for the time bein....

    The BIOS that comes with it really sucks anyway...not many options. Is there a way to completely change the BIOS in the system or am I stuck with what I got?

    'Preciate the help, though...
  6. i know people hack BIOSes for common motherboards, either to make them work properly or unlock some options - but i doubt you'll be able to find a hacked bios for your board - pretty much whatever compaq has is what you have to work with

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