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Optiplex GX620 GPU/PSU Upgrade

I'm upgrading my dell optiplex gx620 Desktop to play more recent games, so i bought a AMD Radeon 6670 (128 bit) DDR5 1GB deadicated GPU and my system will start up and crash afterwards. I had to take the heatsink off the cpu cus it was in the way of my new GPU. I'm not very knowledgeable of what would happen of getting rid of the heatsink and im getting a 600 watt psu (it wont fit in my current case). I was thinking i might:
A: buy new case
B: keep the psu out of the case
C: try to modify the case and fit the psu in there

Thanks for any help provided! :hello:
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  1. You took the heatsink off the CPU? You probably need to buy a new CPU now. It's like removing your lungs because they are getting in the way of your stomach so you can eat more.

    Please get someone that knows a bit about computers to help you here locally to re-install the heatsink and find a card that will work with your system.

    Or just buy a new computer.
  2. Sir, the heat sink wasn't even attached to the CPU directly, but held on by other plastic pieces. I was just wondering if it was going to affect anything majorly. Would there be other ways to put it back on?
  3. Okay, i got the heat sink back on, thanks hang-the-9 from saving me from killing my cpu.
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    You probably did not put on new thermal paste when you did this. Need to take off the heatsink, clean it and the top of the CPU from the old paste and apply a new thin coat.

    And make sure your power supply can run the video card you got.
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