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hi guys. my dad recently bought me a 5.1/7.1 german made home speaker system. It comes with a sound amplifier with 4 input options (VCD, DVD, CD and AC-3....all being input). I want to hook this up to my computer but im having a hard time doing so because the manual is very breif. I am not sure what wires to use or softwares to download. My motherboard is the EVGA x58 using onboard sound. My motherboard has s/pdif output or input (im not sure, i think its output). Help would be appreciated!

Link to the side of my motherboard:

Link to my home theatre speaker system:
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  1. Use the spdif output.
  2. Use the the s/pdif output to what....AC-3?
  3. AC-3 is a sound format. SPDIF carries it.
  4. that home theatre has no HDMI input?
  5. The system doesnt come with a receiver. It comes with speakers and an AMP. im assuming you have to connect the amp to a receiver...In that case would i have to have the AMP and my PC both connected to the Receiver?
  6. An to respong to astrallite, the amp that comes with it has an AC-3 input option on the back
  7. recevier is an integrated amp with a radio.

    the home theatre does have a integrate amp, so it does not require another reciver
  8. I dont think u understand. The system that my dad bought came with something called an Digital AV Power AMPLIFIER. in the manual, its telling me to hook this amp up to a DVD player/receiver from my old home theatre system. All i want to know is how to use this with my computer. On the back of the amp only gives me the following input options.....(DVD, CD, AC-3, and VCD).
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    then like astrallite has sed, use the SPDIF, and connect the AC-3 input to your SPDIF output on your motherboard, if your motherboard doesnt have, get a cheap soundcard, with SPDIF output.
  10. ahh i see now, thank you very much for your help :)
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  12. are there wires that have one end that connect to S/PDIF and the other that connects to a red and white input?? cause iver never heard of it
  13. no its SPDIF both end.

    search it on google, and then try to find that connection from your source, and connect it to the amp.
  14. The only connection i can make is 1 to the S/Pdif output, and a Red and white slots for the AC-3. how am i supposed to do that
  15. could u take a pic at the back of your amp, or have a diagram then i can sort it out for you
  16. i dont know how to do that. its simple. On the back of the amp, each input option has 2 holes (White and Red). Again the options are AC-3, DVD, CD, SVD.
  17. just make a connection, so long as inputs and ouputs are in the respective components, you will get sound.
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