Realistic turntable Lab 330 how to manual timing

How do you use the strobes to time a Realistic Lab 330 turntable?
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  1. Put your record on. 33 or 45 rpm. Turn the player on and put the arm on the record. Use the speed control/pitch wheel to speed up or slow down the record. The strobe should be still and not moving in any direction when it has been adjusted correctly.
  2. Hello I actually have manual for this turn table. For speed adjustment...this turntable is equipped with a pitch control adjustment, which allows the speed to be adjusted to compensate for drift. To check the speed of the turntable, place it in an area illuminated by fluorescent lighting. Plug it into a source of standard AC power, and move the tone arm to the left until the platter begins to rotate. Observe the small dots located near the spindle of the turntable. They should appear to be motionless. It the dots appear to move to the left, rotate the pitch control towards the "-". If the dots move toward the right, rotate the Pitch toward "+". The closely spaced dots are for 33 1/3 rpm adjustment; the wider spaced dots are for 45 rpm adjustment.
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