Netbook With Core i7-620UM

Panasonic has announced a new line-up of “Let’s Go” notebooks and amongst them is a netbook sporting the new Intel Core i7 processor. Panasonic has managed to fit a 1.06GHz Intel Core i7-650UM processor into its R9 series that boasts a 10.4-inch (1024 x 768) display.

This processor benefits from Intel’s Turbo boost technology that allows the speed to flex up to 2.13GHz depending on usage. It manages to include this in a chassis weighing just 0.93kg, whilst also bundling a 3100mAh battery rated to last for 7.5 hours. It features 2GB RAM (max 4GB), 250GB HDD and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.

Looking good. If only they managed to squeeze in a dedicated GPU (the prices are way above netbook levels anyway).
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  1. notebook yes, no way you are going to find a netbook with that processor
  2. Subcompact notebook, but definitely not a netbook.
  3. Well yeah, it's a marketing thing. Plus the same people who insist calling the iPod touch an iTouch will have no problems calling this a netbook :P
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