Hello guys! I'm using both XP Pro SP3 and WIN7 Ultimate. Both systems are installed on different physical drives with two partitions each. One partition of each drive is of small size, active and for OS's XP/WIN7 purposes only. If loaded as XP - Windows7 partiton is visible and lettered as Z:\ To start as WIN7 I have to swap my primary boot HDD in BIOS, then restart and wise. WIN7 goes C:\ automatically, making XP's one invisible and without any drive letter. I'm swapping systems pretty often and this method is damn annoying! How could i create boot menu with timeout from XP or from WINDOWS7 drive - doesn't matter at all! Thank you forward! :-)
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  1. In Win7, type msconfig and go to the bootloader tab to add xp. Or you can download and install (to Win7) EasyBCD to set up dual booting on the same machine.
  2. +1 msconfig

    although i've never had an issue w/ windows mbr not recognizing both OSes
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