What possibly the change of the computers 20 years from now

illustration of computers 20 years from now? :D
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  1. Looking back after the last twenty, I would say that a lot smarter person than I would be needed to answer your question. Babies might be born with a USB port or built-in chips for all I know.

    I hope I'm around to find out, though!

  2. Carbon nano-transistors will revolutionise computing. And SSDs will be become standard.
  3. Virtual Reality. Not 3D, actual holodecks from Star Trek ..well that may take longer then 20 years but you might see some like this in homes pretty soon: http://www.pcworld.com/article/228107/snowglobe_project_a_360degree_hologramlike_display.html

    But probably in about 20 years i still might be using the same pc for my music & movie watching.
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