Configuration of ati radeon hd 3200 graphics card

i need to how much gb or mb card it is and is it good for running fifa 10
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  1. Hi Gang,
    I have recently installed an ATI Radeon HD 4850 (Sapphire) 512 MB graphics Card. I am wondering if some one who has the same model can give me the correct driver / configuration settings for this card. For the driver i chose r400 Fire. That's not the one it picks automatically though. IM on a Flat Screen 1440X900 but it will only give me refresh rate of 60 Hz. This card is an amazing improvement for gaming, Farcry2 for instance in XP. However in PClos some old Win games such as Bejewelled deluxe, Zuma, running in Wine are now unplayable in 3D. Open GL, 3D screen savers all work nice though as well as Nexuiz at Ultimate settings. Desktop is set to 1440x900 as well as monitor Flat Screen 1440x900. Have always been a Nvidia boy, but since switching thought id better check with those more experienced. Also is there any app for checking the GPU temp as it isn't in the ATI Catalyst Panel. Nvidia used to show the temp. IN Win XP Catalyst it has temp as well as fan speed which can be adjusted manually. Nvidia used to have, Nvidia Clk, i think it was called but no such equivalent for all this stuff for ATI ? Thanks, Wayne.
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  2. i thing it's may be 512 mb agp needed with 2gb ram is perfact to play such as fifa 10.recently i am playing this game.this is awesome.

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