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Hello i'm trying to play minecraft on my pc and it won't work and my pc says that it isn't compatible with the version of windows i have
i have windows 7 Ultimate and i don't know if i should degrade it to windows 7 pro
so i really want some advise so i know what i should do

Thank's so much. :)
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  1. Minecraft definitely runs on Windows 7 so that's not your problem. Try uninstalling the program you have and redownload the latest launcher here:
    and run that .exe file. Let me know if that works
  2. Did the computer come with Windows 7? Pro or not does not matter. If your system was not made for Windows 7, and does not have drivers for it, need to install XP or Vista, whatever it had originally.

    Some exact error messages would help, when they come up, from what program, etc...
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