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Hey guy's I apologize in advance if this isn't in the correct section, if it's not feel free to move it to the correct area. I'm trying to find a program that will let me record a video within an IE/Chrome Browser. I'm in a couple of college classes, the ones I'm in have taken a bit of a new approach, instead of using a book, we're using an online lab website of sorts. So there are lots of 5-10 minute video's covering the coursework. The videos use Silverlight just like Netflix, So what I would like to do is record said video's so that I can come back and reference them when I take the certification exams.. I pretty much just need something that can record an IE window with a Silverlight video playing inside of it. Unfortunately it's not like YouTube where there's a direct link to the video itself it's all built into the framework of the Lab Website. The higher quality of the video the better, I have plenty of storage space so that's not an issue. I would really appreciate any input anyone might have!
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  1. could try something like the following
  2. We used a free easy one for class, I will look it up when I get a chance. Do you have access to MS Academic Alliance? If you are not sure, ask your teacher, you can get lots of free useful software through there, I have downloaded tons of free programs (you are provided 2 years free use even out of school, you just can't benefit financially from it's use). If so, you can grab the Microsoft Expressions pack, it has a pretty powerful encoder you can use to record.
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