computer will not boot up with processor in

I'am putting together a new comp. I bought a A7N8X motherboard, Athlon XP 2400 processor, Radeon 9100 128MB, ANTEC 350W power supply. I put it all together and it starts for about 3 sec. with no post screen and then shuts down. I first thought it was my motherboard being grounded some where. However, after taking the motherboard out of the case with just the porcessor and power supply attached it still had the same problem. I then tried another power supply and it still didn't work. I hooked my power supply up to another comp and it worked fine. I then pulled out the processor and low and behold it works. So, by process of elimination I think my processor may be bad. Are these the symptoms of a fried processor? Any input would be great. I have never put together a comp. from scratch so any input would be great.
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  1. An easy way to check if a processor is bad is to let it run for half minute or so without the HSF, the processor should be warm to touch if it's functional.
  2. I have also that problem a few weeks ago. Your processor is not properly inserted i think. Just pull the processor out and install it again. Check if it is properly inserted.
  3. My computer does this if the RPMs on the HSF are not set high enough or it ias connected to the wrong power header.

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  4. your crazy man. back when i was stupid i did the same thing and burned my finger, the cpu was dead to begin with.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  5. Your HSF is seated incorrectly, or your HSF is plugged into the wrong header/not plugged in at all. I had exactly this happen when I was installing my new AXP1700+. Just had to re-seat the heatsink, & it was fine.

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  6. That's also an easy way to toast an AMD CPU on a mobo without AMD's COP built into it. luckily for this guy (if he followed your advice), his does.

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  7. I had that problem too, make sure your HSF is properly installed and it connected to the header fan. If all else fails, find a different processor, a duron or something, plug it in, go into bios and disable the auto-shutoff feature for overheating.
  8. I wouldn't recommend shutting off the CPU overheating protection. If his HSF was inserted incorrectly and that was what triggered the shutdown, then his CPU will burn.

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