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If your magic jack registered the first time you try, you're in luck for a while. However it does not, you may as well toss it out. They put you "under review" for any number of stupid reasons and won't allow you or anyone else to use that magic jack. I bought a "magic jack plus unit and was planning to switch to it at my next renewal. My son bought one to use as his main service for his first home. When we tried to register his unit, we used his credit card, which still had his old address on it. Thsi happened on Aug 4th, 2012. After spending hours on a "chat" with their customer service, we determined that the credit card was the problem. We then tried another credit card and still could not get it registered. Magic Jack customer service said they would "put in a ticket" and the responsible department would send us an email. A week went by and nothing, so I contacted them by "chat" again. (there may have been other "chats" but so much time has passed that I don't remember everything) After getting absolutely nowhere again after spending a long time on this chat, they again said they would "put in a ticket" and the responsible department would send us an email. So I used my magic jack that I had bought to use myself. Possibly because we used the same email address or physical address, they put that one "under review" as well. Fast forward to now, 13 weeks later. I have had many, many "chats" with them, spent countless hours trying to get my magic jacks working, and have now come to the conclusion that it will never happen. I live in Canada and have found a Canadian alternative that provides a much better deal, with no hassles and live bodies to talk to. With I bought a Grandview HT502 off the internet for $45.00 (included shipping and taxes), then paid $50.00 plus tax for some coding from freephoneline, and now I pay nothing ever again except 2 cents per minute for US long distance and any remote area of Canada not served by the main phone companies. I doubt I'll ever pay more than a few bucks a year for that. In addition, the sound quality is better, you can even use it for fax and modem calls and the company has been around for many years. NO MORE BILLS AT ALL and great customer service. (had to use it during setup)
For the people in the US, the best alternative I have found is netTalk DUO. Basically same as Magic Jack, but they have good reviews and live people to "talk" to. I suspect that Magic Jack will be out of business soon. They are really pushing the 5 year package hard, so I suspect they will get as much money in as possible, then leave their customers high and dry. I recommended them to many people and got them setup, but will now be changing them over to I would not trust magic jack. We tried to return the second unit to Tiger Direct, but they will not accept returns for Magic Jack. Anything else they will, but not Magic Jack. Does that tell you something? 13 weeks now and not one email for either unit!
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  1. I used Magic Jack for 2 years at 3 different locations without any problems or issues. I stopped the service because I got the FIOS package that included home phone and no longer needed the line.
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