Problem Uprading Gateway GT5432 from 1GB to 4GB Ram

I have a Gateway Desktop Model# GT5432 running Windows Vista Home Premium. It came with 1 GB (2x512 DDR2 533 PC4200) Ram.
It has four(4) memory slots.
I wish to upgrade the memory to 4 GB.

I ran the Corsair memory configurator and it said to use Memory Model VS1GB533D2
I purchased 4 GB Corsair (4 x 1GB) Desktop Memory Model VS1GB533D2, DDR2 533 PC4200 as spec'd for this machine, from Newegg.

When I put more than one of these modules in (i.e. more than 1GB) it beeps continuously and fails to boot. I have tried numerous different slot combinations. Basically, no matter what I do, if I put more than 1Gb of Ram in, it fails to boot. It will boot with either 2x512 or 1x1gb only.

However, the specifications on the Gateway site for this machine state that it can take up to 4 GB of Ram.

I am using BIOS v6.00PG. I looked on the Gateway site for a newer BIOS but none were "available". I'm not sure exactly what "none avaiable" means'd think they would at least STATE what the last BIOS update # was.

I attempted to get some assistance with Gateway support but since I am out of warranty I got only ..........."this may occur due to some hardware conflict on your computer. I suggest you to contact any local technician for assistance........"

My main thought here is maybe a BIOS update would help, but cannot find any. My other thought was maybe mem incompatibility, but the mem configurator test showed it as OK.


Processor - AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5000+, Dual Core processor with AMD64 Technology ■Each core operates at 2.6 GHz ■2 × 512 KB L2 cache ■2000 MHz system bus

Chipset - NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE

Memory - •Installed: 1024 MB DDR2, 533 MHz, (PC4200) dual channel memory (two 512 MB DIMMs)•Expandable to: 4 GB total memory (4 DIMM DDR2 slots)

Power Supply - 300 watt

Any ideas? Thanks. :)
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Here's what I would do at this point. Install one 1GB module, run memtest (two hour minimum) - install next module, go through all of them one by one to ensure none of the ram modules are bad.
    Give that a shot, then report back
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