HELP i upgraded to windows 7 now i dont have a display driver!

hey guys i have a ibm thinkcentre m50 and i went to boot into windows 7 and it dosnt have the right display driver, it just goes on stock vga, ive found drivers on this page but it dosnt covor my model any help? Thanks
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  1. You can get a driver off the nvidia site if nvidia is what you have.
  2. According to the specs for your M50, it uses an integrated video adapter with an AGP slot for an upgraded video card. Judging by the rest of the computer's specs (Pentium 4 class hardware), it is a bit old for Windows 7. The integrated video adapter (part of the Intel 865G chipset) does not have a Windows 7 driver available, and depending on if you have an AGP card installed, you may or may not be able to find drivers for it. Windows Vista drivers should work, if you can find them for your hardware.

    If the link you provided is for a card similar to what is installed in your computer, you should be able to go to and find a driver there.

  3. i was just going to use the integrated but i have an ati fire gl x1 that i can use but i always have the problem with the video not working at all when i use something besides the inigrated.
  4. Have you installed the drivers for your alternate card?
  5. on all my other motherboards/systems i dont need to it works as a plug and play
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