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Is there a reasonable priced calibration tool for scanners. I have an Epson V700 photo scanner.

I have used Spyder2pro to calibrate my monitor, and was going to buy a Spyder3print SR , for my printers Cannon i9900 and Epson 4800. Unfortunately this product does not calibrate scanners. Any suggestions? I haven't be satisfied using visual calibration.

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  1. I think there is a version of the spyder that offers a scanner calibration module. The other lower priced option to check it the ColorMunki. It may offer it too. I don't remember.

    With that said, unless you are using slide film and can get a target for each film you want to scan, scanner profiling isn't of much use. Even when you do get a target, it might not meet your expectations. It is better to just scan raw, get all the information and then do your own tweaking in photoshop versus letting your scanning software guess at things.

    My $.02,

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