My pc wont go past the mother board screen and i cant get into the bios.

i am having an issue with getting to my desktop. i am wondering what may be wrong, or if there is a way to fix it. i turn on my pc and it just shows me the mother board screen. it will go black...then show it to me again....then rinse and repeat.
ive tried to go into the bios, and no luck.....i cant get into any of the options not even recovery. i made sure my hard drive was secure etc etc. and i can hear it running. if there are any suggestions anyone can give me i would much appreciate it. :wahoo:
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  1. so, it on and turn itself off, then turn itself on, in a loop?
    Full spec?
  2. no the computer itself stays on, the mother board bio screen is what comes up, then fades out, then goes back to the motherboard screen again, etc etc
  3. motherboard screen usually the start of the bios screen, did you change anything lately? Could try to reset the cmos.
  4. yeah, the motherboard screen always pops up first. and no i havent changed anything in it.....which is why im affraid something is fried. :(
    i tried to reset the cmos, but that didnt work either, now my computer is just stuck at the mother board screen.
  5. well....i was looking at another site in regards to trouble shooting. this is what i came across:
    Be sure the MB is hooked to a speaker. Remove the RAM and boot the system. If the MB does not beep with an error code recognizing there is no RAM in the system, you likely have a bad MB.

    so i figured why not give it a shot. beep and now i get nothing on my monitor at all. even after i put the RAM back in.

    so in your opinion would it be safe to conclude that my mother board is shot?
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