Do I have a virus?

I am after some help / advice please.

I have a DELL Dimension 5150 desktop that has never been a problem.

Sometime last week I went out leaving the PC on and came back to find a BSOD. I can't remember the exact fault code but when I rebooted it said PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA .

Anyway I did a lot of reading and followed microsoft help pages only to end up with 'the regisry cannot load the hive file' SystemRoot\System32\Config\Software.

This then moved onto WINDOWS\System32\Config\SYSTEM file being missing / corrupt.

Anyway, using UBUNTU I was able to check the harddrives and RAM for consistency and found that C: was 'dirty' and one of my ram modules was dead. I replaced the ram.....and whilst in the pc shop bought a new harddive (SSD on special offer!). I the set about reinstalling windows and all the drivers.

Everything went fine and I updated all the windows updates etc. The PC ran fine for two days before this message when I try to boot: Windows could not start becuase of an error in the software. Please report this problem as: load needed DLLs for Kernal. Please contact your support person to report this.

This in itself confuses me....but on the basis that I have never had registry problems before I have to ask mself what has caused this, and could it be a virus that is on the slave drive?

But then it has bypassed AVG, malwarebytes and windows defender.

Can youone advise me on this? And point me in the right direction on how to fix my problems! I can post other info if I have not given enough details!

Thanks very much.
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  1. What you need to do is boot up in safe mode if you can, you can do this by pressing F8 when starting up then you want to select safe mode with networking.
    Next uninstall malwarebytes and windows defender, and AVG. Then go out and buy kaspersky internet security and download CCleaner which is free. Then run a registry scan with CCleaner to find registry errors. Next run kaspersky scans. That should fix this. If it doesn't download a windows xp pro 32-bit ISO and install that with the serial located somewhere on your desktop.
  2. Er you should scan you computer by kaspersky in safe mode , the jack's reply is very detail.
  3. Well explained by jack after doing this you will find what the error exactly is.. Kaspersky is the best. As he talked about CCleaner I found it good, my internet speed gets faster than earlier when I start it.
  4. What windows are you running,this probably isn't a virus.
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