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Hello Guys, My Motherboard arrives tomorrow and I want to download the Motherboards ( AsRock Z77 Extreme 4 ) latest drivers at the manufacturers website( ), but the chipset driver is not in the list. What should I do?
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  1. It comes on the motherboard....
  2. You mean the CD that comes with motherboard. I am aware of this but, I just wanted the latest chipset driver.
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    The chipset driver is the 3rd one on the list in the link you provided,
    its labeled INF driver ver:
  4. really I didn't know that..thanks.
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  6. I just upgraded a system using this board. After you install all of the drivers from the disk their is an Intel utilty that runs and checks for updates. when it ran on mine it showed that their was no chipset driver update. if you plan on using raid on SSD's ensure you load the updated RST driver 11.6 for flopy disk install before install this will enable trim at install.
  7. And which one from the list below of that the one that I got to download?
  8. ? There is no list of downloads just click the download button.
  9. Sorry... I just realize that...thanks.
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