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To start off; I am not very good with hardware. I have a Sager NP8662 that has a 500GB 7200RPM hard drive. I wish to upgrade to at least 750GB but am aiming for 1TB or higher. I know that there are desktop hard drives and laptop hard drives, but the NP8662 being a gaming laptop, I wasn't sure if the hard drive would be a desktop or laptop one. Further, I know that I could physically install the hard drive into the laptop but am unsure as to how to transfer all of my files; would I have to do a reinstall of the OS (win 7) onto the new hard drive, and install all my programs on the new one?

Please, please help. I'm desperate =P
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  2. You can't install a desktop drive in a notebook. Currently, 500GB is about the limit for 2.5" hard disks, so you're pretty much out of luck. You can get this 640GB model, which is the highest-capacity I know of:

    But $110 for an extra 140GB of space? Not worth it. It's better for you to just get an external hard disk.
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  4. I understand what you mean. I have a 1TB external, but it is time-consuming to access the files on it; would the following linked product be acceptable? I'm not worried about price, only how practical the option is and how fast drive access would be..

    Thank you for your help.
  5. link doesn't work.
  6. is the shorter link; sorry about that.
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    That disk is taller than most 2.5" drives, so there's no telling if it'll fit in your machine. If you read the reviews, though, the company is actually sending 640GB drives and not 1TB ones.

    Edit: And that price is redonkulus for 1TB of space. I wouldn't pay a price like that.
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