What is included with retail boxed CPU?

If I get a retail cpu what comes in the box with it? Fan? Heatsink? Thermal paste? Is there anything else?
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  1. Nope... that's about it. I think they use those thermal pads mostly instead of giving you a tube of paste. You also get a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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  2. Retail CPU?
    are you kidding? there is nothing inside beside the cpu..
  3. What did u expect them to add to the cpu?
    An AMD/Intel Fanboy T-Shirt ? :) They can´t put in new game Demos since u could have any GFX Card with a top CPU. A Driver CD? erm rather not huh?

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  4. In my experience of retail CPUs, you get:
    1) Instruction manual, warranty information, etc
    2) CPU (obviously)
    3) Heatsink and Fan - normally with thermal pads, opposed to thermal paste
    4) In my experience of Intel CPUs, you get a case badge. That's as far as it goes for goodies, lol :smile:

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  5. Don't forget all that nice shiny plastic. As for thermal paste the heat sink has a thermal pad included...

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  6. Seriously people...

    I'm wonder too if "boxed" define if there's a fan WITH heatsink included. From the description on the website I cannot find this info (lazy webshop's fault though..)

    On the other end.. is it spectacularly normal to NOT send fan w/heatsink incl. with the CPU?
  7. You get a fan and heatsink combo with thermal pad on the underside of the heatsink.

    You also get a 3 year warranty as opposed to maybe a 30 day warranty if you were to buy an OEM (i.e. non-retail) CPU.
  8. On a Intel Boxed CPU you will get the processor, warranty information, and in most cases a stock HSF (heatsink/fan). The Intel Boxed processors have a 3 year warranty on them while the tray/OEM have a 1 year warranty on them.

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  9. A OEM version only have the cpu without the heatsink and cooler
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