HP Touchsmart or Toshiba Qosmio laptop?

Well I bought a HP TouchSmart 300 and liking it but it just seems so underpowered. It boughs down a lot. So I am looking into getting one of the TouchSmart 600XT with 6 Gigs of memory and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9600 [2.8GHz, 6MB L2, 1066 FSB] for about $1700.00
Then my other thought is with the new i5,i7 Intel Core maybe I should hold off and see if one of these may be an option down the road for the TouchSmart. Anyone hear if HP is considering either of these cores for their TouchSmart line?
I am a little frustrated as the computer I have is hard to navigate. I don't know maybe there's a learning curve and I need to be patient. But a lot of times when I surfing the net, I can touch links and it won't do anything or it will resize to 10%. I'm constantly resizing the screen as it sometimes resizes but one tap. I thought it had to be with two fingers and the pinch motion.
Anyway, I don't know if I want to stay with the touchscreens or not. They are not meant to be portable but with only one plug in it makes them fairly portable even though they are heavy and such.
Well now Costco has a nice Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q862 with nice specs and only $1100. Great specs except I wish it had 6 gig of RAM instead of 4.
I'm just so confused and trying to weigh the pros and cons of an all in one or a laptop.
Leaning more towards touchscreen even though the touch part is frustrating but it is so compact for a desktop but then not very upgradable I don't think. I'm not sure never cracked one open to see if it would be easy or not.
Anyway, just would like some opinions from folks that maybe had the touchscreen and whether they liked it or not. I have done searches but it would be nice to know what you think the pros of staying with the all in one catagory or going to a laptop.
Thanks for your help in advance,
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  1. Touchscreens are awesome but a little cumbersome. I use one on a daily basis not a touchsmart though. I find the touchsmart underpowered as you have described. I built my own touchscreen all in one PC. Would you like the specs to build yourself one? I would be happy to walk you through the build. I do not like the mobile processors that are put into these all in ones. This is the reason I have used Core i5 or i7 when building these monsters. As for laptops I have the same problem tooooo underpowered.
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