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If you're thinking of signing up with them here is something you should know. I quit them 6 months ago and today was the third time they charged my creditcard!

It was taking me 2 weeks to have the two other unauthorized charge returned, will see how long they give me a run around to get this one back.

I can't believe that they're keep trying to get money for nothing, something tell me they think I wouldn't notice an extra charge on my bill. Or people working there are just plane dumb.

After this refund I'll tell CC company that my card is lost, get a new one with different numbers and let's see what sympatico comes up with then to try and get money out of me.

You should know that when you cancel with them it means you take back the authorization from them to use your card again (according to MC). So anything they try to charge after that date is unauthorized and you can report that to your CC company (more people need to report this kind of fraud, anyone trying this deserve a bad name).

Quebec people looking for an ISP try, unlimited all the way. I signed up with them months ago and no problems at all since.

Sympatico lost 22,000 Quebec subscribers in the first 3 months of mentioning that they're changing the rules, let them loose all and start thinking. Some people aren't qualified to do the job they're doing right now, makes me wonder how could a large company can't see when their people keep screwing up and demote them, or even send them away.

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  1. Did you contact Bell about this issue? It's pretty clear they're not getting the message with you returning the charges...

    Don't rely on your credit card company to take care of this for you. They really don't care as long as they get the money they're owed. The only reason they don't like fraud is because they don't get the money.

    Talk to Bell. This is the only way you'll get them off your back. Somone obviously screwed up and didn't let the credit department know your account was cancelled. As far as they're concerned, your account is still active and will keep trying to charge you. Don't take any chances with your credit. A bad rating from one company can screw your credit for a long time.

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  2. on one charge they were trying to charge me for the free month I got after signing up one of my friends with them. They're just too funny.

    Anyway, if nothing else then I'll send a letter to the BBB and complain till somebody decide to listen.

    But changing CC in a week for sure.

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  3. Complaining to the BBB still won't do anything about your credit. Whether or not you cancel your card, it still goes on your credit record that you did NOT pay the outstanding balance before you cancelled the card. They do hold that against you.

    I'm not trying to get Bell off the hook. I'm just looking out for your credit rating. One charge can kill you for up to seven years. That means NO credit card company will give you a card.

    Again, you can complain to third parties until you're blue in the face. The only way you'll get it resolved is to talk to Bell personally. They'll find some way to come after the money they think they're owed.

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  4. Never had any problems with bell sympatico when i was living in canada... but bell canada telephone... ooo now thats a different story.
    It took them a week and a half to transfer a single number over from one person to me.
    It should have taken 5 minutes tops.

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  5. I think that it's the bell sympatico billing system that is faulty. I've experienced too some problem with their billing system, but i was rather lucky because the problem was that they didn't charged me for almost a year. Later the "bug" had been fixed and they charged me the correct amount.

    Two weeks ago i cancelled Bell Sympatico DSL because they reduced the services (limited download/upload wich were unlimited before) and increased the price.

    I switch to Videotron wich is a provider in the province of Quebec. They offer a faster internet connection with less cost (plus the modem was free for a limited time).

    P.S. English is not my natural language so the sentences organization may not always be correct. Sorry
  6. I have no idea what you were reading that you came up with the credit rating and whatever. After reading it I was confused, but anyway, I got the CC changed after I got the refund from Sympaticrap (they gave me bell credit on my phone, it's funny). Now they can try to charge the old card, but they will not get anywhere.

    "Never had a problem with Sympatico."
    Yeah it was okay, till the day I decided to cancel.

    "Recommended it to two of my friends and Sympatico gave me two months for free for recommending two new customers."
    Yeah great, let more people sign up for limited internet while other ISP's give you unlimited. Unless it was a long time ago when they were unlimited.

    "For price, availability, and continuous up time its a great deal."
    Do you work for Sympatycrap? Because that line was like a sales rep trying to sell. It is a great deal if you don't mind that the other ISP's are unlimited while you're on a limit and they charge the same or less as Sympaticrap. My new ISP is unlimited, 1 Mbit ADSL like Sympatycrap, they also got the 3 Mbit access for power users (also unlimited).

    "Never been overcharged."
    Same here, while I was a member, but since I'm not a member for a long time... it's about time for them to stop charging me for nothing.

    btw I can dispute any charge to my credit card, just have to call CCC and they send me the papers to sign. Then they will deal with the people who try to charge me. You should call your CC company, they let you know how you can deal with these problems. But again, they all different.

    Anyway, the card they got the numbers for is dead, CCC was nice and got it replaced when I called saying "I can't find it". Now if they try to pull anything I'm ready and let's do court, got the letter they sent me saying it's all clear. Got calls to them recorded by me and they are saying they were wrong and I'm all clean, have the bills with the credits on them. Have everything documented, agent names and numbers, dates, you name it. I have a folder full of Sympatycrap only and it will stay with me for a long time just in case.

    I work hard for my money, you better be ready for a battle if you try to steal a penny from me. ;)

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  7. I got bell call answering, sometimes I don't get messages from people (I know because they call and ask why I didn't call back) and sometimes I gett messages days later. Or the best, we are home and the phone doesn't ring, but when we try to use it next time it beep signaling that we got a message (and we do have a message from somebody who called while we were home). I called BELL and complained, they said everything is fine and it's not possible to get messages days later, and then I received my mother's message and she said that she left me that message last week.

    Another thing, the other day I called home from work and instead of wife I got another woman on the phone, I said sorry must be wrong number, then looked on the phone and it showed that I did dial the right number. Called again and this time my wife answered asking who was the woman I was laughing with and why didn't I say anything to her when she was talking to me.

    It happened to wife too, she called home and a woman answered, imagine how funny it was when she asked for me (Andrew) and the woman said Andrew is out of town till next week. Her boyfriend's name was Andrew.

    BELL = bag of fun, unless your number is recycled like ours and people who used to own it forgot to tell people (including family members) that they changed number. We got calls from grandmother who didn't believe that her little Sandy wouldn't tell her that she got another number, she demand it to put Sandy on the phone (quit calling after almost 6 months, called 4 times during). Got call from guys who got Sandy's number from her in some club. Collecting agency, but at least they were not after Sandy, somebody else used our number on some paper. It was a bag of fun till we got people to realize this number is recycled.

    I was considering getting a cell, one of those card ones, buy a card for 25$ every 3 months and use that (no contracts, just buy the phone and buy a calling card if want to use it). But weird calls stop coming in, now only get sales people trying to sell something I don't need. Imagine how nice I am when they wake me up at 10 am after I worked the night shift. :wink:

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  8. Videotron also limited, I think it was not a good change. But there are a whole bunch of ISP's that offer true unlimited access and transfare. From the average 1 Mbit to the 3 Mbit (more than 3 Mbit cost way too much so not listing it), with options of buying/renting/using own modem. Cost from 35$ to 70$, they all cost about the same +- 5 to 10$. I found lots of Quebec based ISP's, but they followed Sympaticrap and went limited, so I looked providers based out of province but serving cross Canada. I called 6 and signed up with one that day, paying the same as I payed for Sympaticrap.

    <b>The Higher Technology</b> and <b>Canadian Unlimited Internet Corp.</b> are only two, you can find more and see which one would be the best for you.

    If you have any question send me a private message, my wife speak french so you can write in french.


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  9. All I can say is that I'm glad MTS is handling Sympatico internet access in Manitoba and not Bell... heh.

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  10. They had the nerve to call my house today and try to sign me up again. I laughed the guy and told him that I wouldn't sign up with them even if it would be one dollar a month and unlimited like it used to be.

    Then dude was going "we are unlimited sir" I said no you're not, only unlimited access but not unlimited transfare so you can quit trying to think you're talking to some newbie and try bullshitting me into signing up. Then I just cursed him for a minute and got off the phone.

    Dude got me so upset with his pushy bullshit that I could have rip him in half.

    Hope they loose every customer they have and die, I keep telling people how bad they were and tell them to sign up with another real unlimited company instead. Buddy of mine just got a taste of it, he moved and it was hell for him to get it going at his new place. He said "it feels like a bunch of know nothing idiots running that provider's phones", then he changed to my ISP. :D Now it's close (or over) 30 people I got to change ISP or sign up with a better one the first time.

    I still can't believe they called me. If I ever get a call from a collecting agency claiming I'm not paying sympatico anymore for my access (which I don't have for almost a year), I'm taking them to court and get on TV to let more people think twice going (staying) with them. They can't touch my new credit card so the charging for nothing every month and I waste hours talking to dumb and dumber to clear it is over.

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  11. Hehe
    bellcanada telephone tried charging me for phone bills that I specifially said should be finalised before i leave at the end of the month.
    I thought i did, but got a bill for more ($4) when i got home to Australia.

    I just ignored it, and after a while they stopped sending letters that were costing far more than the bill i had to pay.

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  12. This is interesting about Sympatico in this area. <A HREF="" target="_new">Better Business Bureau of Canada Reliability Report.</A>

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  13. I had Bell calling for 4 months 3 times a week looking to collect overdue amounts from the previous person who had my phone number! Bell, it's you phone line, you KNOW he is no longer at this number!! I had 11 tickets opened before someone took 2 minutes to fix the problem, from the same department I first called where they said they did not have access to correct the issue! OMG, I will never deal with Bell again :o
  14. well couple of months ago I called up bell and asked them to cancel my service, because I had gotten Rogers extreme, and they didn/'t offer DSL ultra in my Area, so they offered me 3 months free internet just to try it out more and compare it with Rogers. And I was like sweet. So I had both connections Rogers hooked up to my desktop and bell for my laptop. So after the 3 months were over I called them up and asked them to cancel my service and they said that I would have to pay fee for the next month. I was pretty disappointed by this because I still had like a week left for next month's billing date to start. So I don/'t know why they couldn/'t cancel it right away. WHICH THEY DID, because I checked the DSL internet stopped working the day after I called and they still charged for the next month. Anyways when the Bill came for that month it was a whopping close to $200, I was like WTF!? I called them up and they said that they forgot to charge me for last three months; I can't believe they are this stupid. I told them that they offered me 3 months free to compare this service to Rogers. And I certainly like Rogers better. So after staying on the phone for about 1.5hours they got everything cleared. And the person said that I now have a credit of $142 in my account and I asked them to put the credit back on my visa, and they said they can/'t do that, and that I would HAVE to use this credit for bell sympatioc internet. (This is BS!) So they couldn/'t refund my money and they said that I could use the internet for 3 more months and then there will be zero credit left. And NOW I was pissed (I mean like its not my fault they took out the money, and I didn/'t want to use there service any more. still they kept the $142 in my account and so I got reallllly pissed and just hung up. (At this point I wanted to punch the person who runs this crap)

    So last month I called again I had ZERO credit left. I don/'t want to write about it, I'm getting angry by just thinking about it

    Anyway today I got a letter saying that Bell Sympatico wants its modem back. First of all,
    when I started using their internet service I bought the modem for $99 (rite?) because back in Alberta when I was with Telus and I paid like $80 for the modem and it was mine, and my property and Telus had nothing to do with it after I paid the money.

    so yea in the letter it said that "According to our records it had been at least 15 days since our kit was sent to you and we have not yet received the modem" wtf???? I never got any kit.
    And it also said "A charge of $180.00 plus applicable taxes will be applied to your account within next 15 days if the modem is not returned"
    WTF? $180 for a ****IN MODEM?? This is bullsiht.
    And plus why are they asking for it? I paid the ****ing $99 in the starting?

    "As per the terms and conditions of the Sympatico service agreement, the DSL modem is the property of Bell Canada and must be returned upon cancellation of your Sympatico service" I didn't read the ****in terms and conditions, well this teaches me a lesson to always read that crap.

    Anyways I could/'ve just rented the modem for like Fcuking what is it? Like $5/month? Instead I paid $99 for what?

    Since I got this letter today it was too late to call them, however I will call them tomorrow when I get back from work.

    Anything like this ever happen to anyone here?

    [cpp]BELL Sympatico Internet Sucks ( FAN PAGE )[/cpp]

    [cpp]I have great reviews about TEKSAVVY and may be my next internet provider[/cpp]
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