Logitech x540 and Windows 7...

It wont recognize surround.
All the speakers work, I turn on Matrix mode and they all sound(I even downloaded a surround sound test file and played it with VLC and all the speakers functioned) so its definitely not that, I installed the latest realtek HD audio drivers and using the audio manager to test the speakers only the left and right will sound.
Ive tried other stuff like enabling Speaker Fill and Room Correction under the enhancements tab and still no dice.

Any ideas?
Not sure if I posted this in the right section btw...
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  1. check all connections, enable 5.1 setup through audio manager, disable any settings for now, and test each speakers.

    then after that try the surround sound test file, disable the matrix when doing this or speaker fill... obviously

    tel me how it goes.
  2. wow it was matrix that was causing all of this.
    It was my understanding that matrix "turned on" 5.1
    What does it actually do?

    Wow something so simple... i feel dumb -_-
  3. Matrix Mode takes the sound from the front (stereo channel) then Logitech's own matrix system turn stereo in to virtual surround. So if you have discrete multichannel, it will miss up the sound if you turn it on.

    Your PC audio driver/controller is also capable of offering surrounds sound from 2 channel source. If you activate it, the sound coming from the terminal output becomes discrete in a sense that it’s been internally processed.
  4. I have the same speakers and had the same problem. Can't believe I just had to turn Matrix off to enable true 5.1.
  5. The purposed of matrix design is for media player where only stereo channel is available.
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