How to permanently change my ip address from my computer windows 7

Hello,how can i change my ip
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  1. Change your isp, that will do it.
  2. As mentioned before you can change your ISP, or you can change your speed plan. I was banned from a site, and i upgraded my internet to a faster speed same provider, they changed my IP in the process. I can now comment on that website i was banned from hahah=D
  3. You can change your machines IP address simply by giving it at static address rather than letting your router assign it a DHCP address.

    Although as said previously - if you have been banned from a site or something similar, I don't think this will be very effective as all your are changing is the LAN IP on that machine not the WAN address on your router.
  4. u need to ask ur ISP to provide a static ip. It costs some money depending on the net plan
  5. ward40 said:
    Hello,how can i change my ip

    You cannot change the ip address, if you are using static ip address.If it is dynamic ip address, you can change it easily by resetting the modem or switching it off and can also use Proxy server or Hide ip address software to change the ip address.If you want to change your ip address permanently means contact your service provider they will do it. Check your ip address before and after changing in this site
  6. ward40 said:
    Hello,how can i change my ip

    I think you can't change your IP Address, but you can mask it by using vpn's
  7. If you want to change your local address, you can via your network adapter settings > Properties > Internet protocol version 4 > Use Static

    But your ISP address cannot be changed unless its through them.

    .Do note that if you want to use a custom IP, Make sure the config you do matches up with whatever network device you are on. (Router, Switch, etc.) Otherwise you will be most likely disconnected, don't worry, If it gets messed up, just switch the statics back to the "Obtain IP address automatically" setting where you changed your IP.
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