Dedicated graphics card in a Lenovo ideapad Z580

Hello, Do you guys have any idea on how i can get my Geforce GT630m to work in my lenovo ideapad Z580 i have tried every conceivable option and have had no success. I have tried the Nvidia control panel, bios and the windows control panel.
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  1. upload an image of device manager
  2. If you're trying to do stuff in just Windows, no it doesn't work like that. Switchable graphics like that should only be kicking in when trying to run a graphics-intensive game and not even necessarily Windows Experience Index, even.

    Update to the latest nvidia drivers and try again.
  3. I know this is a very old thread, but I have the exact same laptop, only mine came with the intel hd4000 graphics. Not sure how this would work, but if I got a hold of one of those motherboards with Geforce GT630m on it, would it fit in mine?
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