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[Solved] How can i share printer from windows xp 32 bit in windows 7 64 bit

how can i share PC's and printer from windows ex 32 bit to my windows 7 pro 64 bit
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  1. scrounge around control panel/networking.......... see if the computers see each other.
  2. hi dear swifty, thanks for your reply:
    I am in win 7 bit
    other computers in xp
    Yes we can see together
    Printer shared from one of xp computers
  3. been a while. forgot about this thread.., LOL ...have the proper drivers installed ? no firewall blockage ?
  4. yes my friend, i was printing from my old pc (win xp 32bit), fire wall is open thus file sharing is working ok.
    when i add printer the massage said: (windows can't connect to the printer)
  5. anything show up in device manager ? something that needs an update and/or have you been to windows update lately ?

    do you have a driver disc or can you go to the printer home page and look for a W7 friendly driver ?
  6. yes i have adriver disk for the printer but it can not install to win 7
  7. Best answer
    so did you go to the printer manufacturers website and see if there's a driver for windows 7 ?
  8. yes this thing i looking for it now and i will inform you
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