P4 2.4b to break 3G


Having a little walk on the wild side with a buddy to see who can break the 3G barrier first. We both have same CPU. And only for a quick test to prove it and then turn it down again. I have so far managed to mess with the FSB to get 2.916 before the screen freezes? Any idea's. Crazy I know, but hey I figured the P4 and the GA-8IEXP should be more than a safe platform to do it on. It will have to be a short lived triumph too because I dont like my current idle temp of between 39-42c. Thats with a Volcano 7+ on LOW setting. SO I can wind this up for the ride ;-)

Dont know how much time I got till my mate cracks it so hurray back peoples. You have probably gathered that I am not an experienced Overclocker so I am in your hands....Be kind. I wil do anything you say :-(

Thanks in advance

-= LtZ GoAtFaCe =-
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  1. Why not buy Gigabyte 8KNXP Mobo? That supports 800 Fsb. That should push you well past 3+ Ghz. On your 2.4b.
  2. The abit bh7 should also overclock well. Be sure to use a top quality power supply with 16-25 amps on the 12 volt rail.
  3. Sorry Guy's,

    Never made it clear. Want t do it with the current MoBo, which I am more than happy with. The MoBo is very overclockable. Just not sure what to do????

    -= LtZ GoAtFaCe =-
  4. a) Lower memory timings, specifically CAS Latency. if it's 2 try making it 2.5 or 3.

    b) <i>slightly</i> increase voltage of the cpu, by 0.05 Volts at a time, but not more than 1.7V (I heard some P4s suddenly die completely at >1.7V)

    c) if you have more than one RAM stick, try it with only 1, and then only the other, at the higher speed. one may be more sensitive to OCing than the other.

    Try these out - they might not actually improve performance much (if at all), but if you just want to show a friend a screenshot with '3Ghz' on it, they may help. of course you could always just cheat and use Photoshop or similar to doctor a screenshot... ;)

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
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