Gateway mfatxpnt nmz 300x specs

I have a desktop from a friend, it's a Gateway model #MFATXPNT NMZ 300X the serial # is0029389337 When I called Gateway support it doesn't seem to exist.The computer is fine except for missing the following drivers:

Ethernet controller
multi media controller
Sm bus controller
Video controller(VGA)

Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME figure out where to get them or even what kind of boards in it or who made the board? it's driving me crazy and I really need to get this pc running.
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  1. Wow, a Gateway 300X (complete model name) - that thing was $1200 ten years ago (according to a review I found). But, it is ~10 years old and as far as support from Gateway, they seem to only go back to the 400 series for support.
    I think you are in for a long jurney of research in an attempt to keep that machine running.
    The only thing I can say that may be of help is I know that Foxconn and Intel both supplied Gateway at some point or another over the years (and others no doubt) - you can try googling any numbers/letters on the mobo, see if anything comes up that way. The chipset is what will define the drivers you need and likely it is covered by a heatsink - if it is not, you should be able to find out info by checking those numbers - if there is a heatsink and you've run out of other options, it can be removed but they use a very strong thermal tape to hold it in place - you might look to youtube for removal ideas (you would have to get thermal tape to replace it).
    Good luck, don't get frustrated but remember it is old going on to ancient
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