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I reinstalled Win95 b over the top of itself. Now IE 5.5sp2 doesn't work. Ihave the install for it, but it says a newer version is installed. so i deleted the reg keys and it lets me start the install but says it can't complete. Any ideas where I can get a full download of IE?

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  1. I used to have 5.5 saved back. Now I have 6.0 saved.

    Sure, you can find the full download for 6.0 all over the place. You'll be hard pressed to find 5.5, though.

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  2. Toey gave me a link for IE (imagine toey having a link who would have thought). It didn't work. I found out the OS had more problems so I just did the format reload trick and it fixed it.

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  3. I was going to suggest you dig up an old msn or aol disk or similar I have used these in the past as they have older versions of iexplorer on them in seperate directories ( the only good use I ever found for any of them lol)

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