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Running Windows 7 64bit, and for the past few weeks I cannot download anything or use firefox/internet explorer. My problem began when I wanted to watch Thursday Night Footbal, and stupid me downloaded a single file that was a bad torrrent software. I accepted the one bad piece of garbage torrent software, and then a whole list unwanted and unauthorized software were rolled out and executed on my laptop. These unwanted software incuded 'Babylon:Translate Toolbar" among other useless pieces of bad software. The moment I hit the dreaded open and run, I knew there was a serious problem and I should have neve done that.

I have run several scans in their updated state when I was able to download updated viruse definitions for: Norton, Windows Security Essentials, Spybot, and something on the microsoft website. Spybot and Win Sec Essentials both found some garbage. Malware and a no less than 2 Trojans. I deleted both, but that was just the beginning of my problems. Because from that point forward, I slowly lost my ability to download anything.

I can open FF/IE, but cannot connect to a webpage. when I type something it the URL I get hourglass and "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" I received a similiar warning in FF.

I spent a few days trying to uninstall a whole lot of unused programs and anything i viewed as unessential, including Firefox, ComcastSpyware, anything "Real" or Yahoo or MS Live/Messenger. The only way i'm able to communicated no is through the 64bit version of IE. Anyway, i wanted to download Norton Virus Removal tool yesterday, and have come to the point now where I cannot download anything.

This is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my 10 years and 4 computer life span. I'm considering a clean reformatting and starting anew, but i don't have the windows disks I got with this computer that is now 3 years old.

I ask you help to either A) Offer suggestions to fix my problem; perhaps even a way to bypass this virus, redirect, or unwanted firewall that is preventing me from downloading or surfing the web. Or B) Provide instructions on how to do a comlete drive wipe and arrive at a clean disk reformatting excercise without any windows disks.

Note: I do not want to avoid a system restore of any kind, as I've found those to be more problematic in some cases. I have not doneany system restores in the three+ years i've had this machine. It's been very good to me, and I'd prefer to salvage this baby if possible.

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  1. I would do a system restore back to just before you did that illfated download. I have used the system restore for many issues and it either works for what you want or it doesn't , it just restores the computer to that particular restore point that you select.
    I used to do Internet installs for Comcast and one day a fellow tech called me with a problem on a customers computer and when I go there I was told that the customers son had visited some porn sites when they were on dialup and now had a virus which made operating the computer very problematic. However I got the computer to do a system restore and we then loaded an anti virus which cleaned the computer. Naturaslly it wasn't as easy at it sounded but the gist of the story was that the system restore is a very good option and in your caes it's either that or a reinstall of Windows.
  2. You can download the Windows 7 ISO for your a clean windows install here:

    Be sure to get the version that came with your laptop. Probably a good idea to use a different computer to download and burn the iso.

    System Restore is worth a try if you don't want to go through the hassle of a clean installl, it will just roll your computer back to a previous date.

    I wouldn't hesitate to format myself. Once a system is compromised, you can't be sure that it's clean again without formatting. Getting credit card data stolen is much worse than your current problem.
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