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yo, anybody know how or if you can upgrade the video memory on a dell latitude d600?
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  1. You usually cannot on laptops.
  2. mmnnn, ok. do you know how i could check?
  3. The reason is that the video circuitry is almost always built into the laptop's motherboard for reasons of space saving (as compared to a desktop which almost always has the option of changing the video card).

    You should contact Dell's technical support, but I think I know what their reply will be.
  4. and that would be?
  5. Well, they'll probably say no.

    Rather than wade through Dell's site looking for help -- try CNET forum that specialises in Dell -- they have Dell staffers on there.
  6. mmnnn, now that i just finished swimming up the dell site backwards trying to contact someone, i think i'll try that...
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