Restoring a Dell no restore cd

I have a Dell laptop inspiron n5010 which i need to restore I did not get recovery cd so am bit lost. Touchpad is not working etc any help I'd be very grateful
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  1. What OS do you have?32 or 64 bit?
  2. What is the "etc" that is not working? The touchpad could be broken, restoring the system won't help you then.

    If you don't have a recovery disks, most new systems come with a recovery partition on the hard-drive. Read the manual to your system, will tell you how to restore it. Or check Dell's support site.
  3. If you can find someone who had a Dell recovery CD with the correct version of windows that your laptop has you can use that. Some drivers may be different but you can look them up online. Dell Recovery CD's arent like other companies where it will work with only that model. They are full blow Windows Install DVD's
  4. Click on start-All programs-Dell Data Safe- Dell Data Safe local Backup
    Click on restore
    Select restore to Factory settings restart

    If you had formatted the system once then you can reinstall windows, get drivers from support site and dell s/w from my dell downloads.
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