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Anyone read the sidebar note about the deactivation of pirated versions of windows with the release of SP1 on the front page? I love the conclusion of that article since it predicts subscription version of the software coming next.

Hate to say this, but when Office XP was going to be released it was subscription based. It wasn't until the last minute, and bad pressure, that it seems microsoft changed their mind.

Nonetheless, subscription based software has "almost" been released officially. I still have my subscription software that I don't use.

Whether Windows is next is a good question. The better question though is when the next crack for WinXP will be out.

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  1. I saw the same thing, and yeah it's nothing new. I was at a Microsoft seminar for retail employees a long time ago when we got the "privilage" of getting the subscription-based version of Office with a 1-year subscription. Needless to say there were many angry people there.

    So the comment wasn't anything new. It was a plan a long time ago & Microsoft is cleverly easing the pigs to the slaughter little by little.

    While I don't believe software is a "service" that can be subscribed to, I think we are eventually going to not have a choice. For example, I have to install SP1 on XP in order to install DirectX 8.1b (which I need for a sound fix). We are already being pushed into upgrading. In the near future games won't work on 2000 anymore, and you can't play them on XP until you get the latest service pack that enables subscriptions, etc. etc.

    Any bets on what MS will charge monthly? :)

    One last thing on SP1. What I'd really like to know is if the "anti-piracy" part of XP will affect those who downloaded ISOs of the corporate version of XP Pro which had no Activation. They mention looking for 2 popular Product Keys upon installation....I wonder if they refer to those ISOs. Hmmm, I'll find out tonight I guess.
  2. please let us know .. if your system still boots that is lol

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  3. Here is the bottom line. There are plenty of bootlegs out there that have cracks, but what can Microsoft do against a copy that is fully licensed and is a Corporate Edition? SP1 seems to me that it shouldn't be required for the Corp Ed since there is no activation at all on that OS. In the end if the Corp Ed. needs an overhaul there are going to be plenty of enterprises out there pissed off with Mic.

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  4. dukeofcrydee don't bother.

    SP1 is not needed on Corp only on OS' with activation.

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  5. It's funny though, because with all this anti piracy crap, people are getting more bootlegged software than ever. An example is a few people I know used to buy every os, but w/ this activation crap, they just dled xp corp.

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  6. I'm using XP Pro with service patch beta version 1102 and it worked fine. I recently gave the Service patch to a buddy of mine that is using the devils own copy and it installed fine and worked good. So Far if they are making a change its not in any of the Beta's yet.

    SP1 BETA 1105 was just released downloading it now gonna install it abit later.
  7. The thing is that many people do not want someone or some company controlling everything in a certain community. I'm not talking about a monopoly, but more like a political institution would on its citizens. The only way to get back at them is by hitting them where it hurts most and that starts with their foundation. In this case Windows XP been called the great leap in anti-piracy software and the crackers re-engineering it to show Microsoft how cocky their software engineerers tend to be when it comes to OS'. Is a cat and mouse game, one is always trying to outdo the other. Microsoft may hate pirates, but guess what without them innovation into more encryptive software would not be available today. That is a fact.

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  8. By making all this supposedly advanced 'anti piracy' stuff, its like a challenge; I think it actually promotes piracy.
  9. one a higher ego when they crack it:)

    What if you had admin rights to life?
  10. It's a real pain for the legit users, and a minor inconvenience for the crackers.

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  11. any of you little devils uses illegal Windows XP Professional corp edition that uses the key "FCKGW-RHQQ2-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" ??

    I know of a way that you can use SP1 if you use the evil corporate edition with the cdkey above. But i only know that information for entertaintment purposes only and i do not condone or encourage it. its easily available on the internet but i can post it if u guys want to. it involves changing that old evil cd key for a clean one and hopefully u can install sp1

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  12. does anyone know if the SP1 WPA crack checker whatever will detect the sadteam WPA crack?

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  13. Well I wouldn't say SP1 is not needed at all. After all, the Corporate Edition is basically Professional w/o Activation.

    So SP1 should still benefit myself and others that want the updates to XP.

    The only thing that doesn't apply is Microsoft's anti-piracy measures that target people who have somehow circumvented Activation. What worried me was the mention of them immediately looking at 2 popularly pirated Product Keys. The articles I read never mentioned if these were Activation keys, so a small part of me thinks these might be the Product keys of the Corp Edition ISOs that hit the Newsgroups.
  14. First off there is no "corp edition." It is simply XP Pro with a different key algorthym, which uses corp keys that do not require activation. Obviously because corp users do not want to manually install XP on every single system and activate.

    As posted in the other thread about this no matter how hard they try to make it there will always be those who have this mission to undo whatever copy protection is implemented, whether it be software or media for their own gratification. There also will be those who do not want to pay excessive amounts of money and some who cannot afford to buy a new windows every two years to simply have an up-to-date stable computer. Like kids in college, or whatever. Anyhow MS has stated their main goal in implementing product activation was to stop "Casual piracy" where someone in your family had the new windows CD and passed it on to you, all his friends and rest of the family. They've maintained they cannot stop "hardcore pirates" and they have mainly succedded in stopping casual piracy, and XP has so far been record setting in sales for MS. The changes with the SP1 and its activation scheme are actually lessoning the tight restrictions, making it easier for generally everyone and still covering their ass and making sure copies that weren't paid for don't get the update. Honestly, looking at SP1 no loss really... and anyone with any P2P program and google can figure out how to update to SP1 even though it's pirated. MS is winning really, they're selling more copies then ever.. and making alot of money from it. As well the piracy rate of XP is very very low, as casual piracy as the example given above has dwindled down dramatically.

    Also realize we're not just talking about college kids or computer nerds downloading windows off the net, or grand-dad passing off his CD to his family. In asia and other countries there is a thriving black market for computer software and media where mass amounts of counterfeit copies and even boxing are made and sold for only a few USD on the streets. So microsoft and others implement these schemes trying to thwart off those types of piracy.

    And yes, if everyone in the world were perfect and grandpa didn't freely pass out their windows/office disks or criminals disn't mass produce counterfeit copies, product activation wouldn't have come about. Realistically we all know people are not perfect, and Microsoft most likely is very happy with the results of product activation, just look at the sales! They're so happy, they're even being nice and easing activation restrictions a bit.. so be happy! :o)

    You guys can argue ethics and redundantly post back and forth, but be realistic - if people want it and don't want to pay for it, they will hunt it down and get it for free. Yes it may be wrong, regardless it won't stop. Murdering is wrong, world hunger is wrong, politicians stealing our tax money thus costing us to pay more is wrong, but unfortunately it won't stop or just go away - why even beat a bush that is already dead?

    Microsoft doesn't have to charge what it does for windows, and especially what it does for the office suite. Alternative OS and office suites cost much less, and most will serve the exact same needs the MS products do. Most people find it hard to feel sorry for Microsoft and its trillions of dollars in assets and the billions of dollars in sales it has annually. MS is no where near red ink, so they won't be getting this pity speech "Geeez.... Poor microsoft and it's hundreds of billions of dollars! No wonder they charge $600 for this barely revised office suite. Golly gee Mary, it would sure be wrong not to buy another copy for my laptop" LOL.. gimme a break.

    Yes product activation is needed. Piracy won't go away, product activation has helped slow the rate of piracy of MS XP titles. Sales are phenomenal for them this year, and you can tell they're happy with the revamp of activation in XP SP1 and the lessoning of the restrictions for valid copy holders. That's it I'm done... I have tons of work to get done.

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  15. There was a time when msft was an innovative, and beneficial company. Their tiger team of employees revamped the os, which made it very accessible. My mother could not run Linux. There is simply no way; she just doesn't have that much time to learn. And yes, the learning curve is fairly steep. Msft made it possible for her to get/send email. And browse the web. This is why that company is so successful.

    How can anyone ever expect it to be any different? How can anyone say "there should be limits", or "they should be moral in their business practices". War is *NOT* moral; if it is moral, then you are incorrectly referring to the situation as a War. Business *is* War, baby. And by defination, "sucessful business" is amorl. If you're not winning, you are >LOSING<.

    Msft has been winning the past *ten* yearz...

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  16. the problem is the FCKGW-RHQQ2 ############ cd key that most illegal win pro "corp edition" use. those people are the ones who are going to have problems upgrading to sp1. but a new workaround came out and i posted the workaround on this same forum , and hopefully it will work. the whole idea of the workaround is to remove that "heavily used" cd key and change it for a unique one.

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  17. Do you know if that method works FOR SURE? As in, have you tried it?

    Just wondering 'cause in the link here it says that new activations of XP via SP1 (which is required for some versions) will have their cd keys checked against a list of known cdkeys.

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  18. The XP versions in question are corp editions, AKA windows XP Pro with a special key algorithym. These special
    "corp" keys bypass activation all together due to the nature of a corporate installation environment.

    The keygen is the exact xp key algortighym, but cracked, thus making keys that appear so valid, that months ago microsoft experts admitted they couldn't tell the difference from legit and created keys. Myself, and a large community of others have updated pirated XP Pro to SP1 w/ numerous builds, including the recent release candidates, as SP1 should be finalized next week. So yes it's not just a theory, it's a tried and true way to make your pirated version <i>appear</i> absolutely legal, futhermore allowing you to update to SP1.

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  19. There are numerous ways to crack the OS though. I own XP Pro, but didn't want to register it so I just used the crack that's about 30MB and uses the cd key above. Off the top of the head I think it's that key at least. I use the key, but never have to hash my computer for MSFT. That's hypothetically speaking of course with 'I' being a fictional character.

    So the entire OS is legal except 30MB of replaced files burned onto a cd-rw for installation. I never downloaded the devil's own version or the corporate version in it's entirety.

    I guess I'll check the other thread out to see what the deal is...

    <font color=red>I have a computer and it does weird stuff. please help.</font color=red>
  20. dhlucke I wonder if using a xp corp key alone will bypass activation on a legit copy of xp pro ?? I posted this question a moment ago in the sp1 sneak peek thread if so it sure would be nice for non-pirating types who own more than one machine for ex. a laptop and a desktop for work

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  21. no it wont, if its not corp edition, even if u use the corp edition cdkey it will not bypass as a corp edition. you will need to activate it. corp edition is basically profesional with some extra files and a slightly different configuration

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  22. thanks for the answer

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  23. Yeah, trust me, I tried.

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    for all those unanswered questions...

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