Looking for a gaming keyboard (non logitech!)

So yeah, I've been thinking, the keyboard really just has to look cool, but after looking at reviews for the Razer Lycosa, there is an extremely high failure rate which can be noticed. My brother has a logitech g11, and I don't want another g series keyboard (because it would be too much the same), plus somehow I don't like the look of the logitech keyboards. So would anyone have a suggestion as to which keyboard might be a good keyboard for me? Thanks.
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  1. Steelseries Merc is also a pretty good gaming keyboard. Includes a small side gamepad with plenty of custom buttons.
    $89.99+$8.90~ shipping
  2. http://www.revoltec.net/revoltec.net/index.php?StoryID=7&ArticleID=72&WorldID=3&websiteLang=en
    I had this revoltec. The quality of the keyboard is decent only a litle bit tough key strokes and the software was crap. Maybe they have a newer version of the software.
  3. Hi
    I would like to advice you about "rackmountsales" it’s a very nice website which provides nice gaming keyboards and many more things on cheap able price. I purchased a keyboard before some time and I got the best results.
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