New Outlook emails are downloading but can't view them

I am using Outlook and I can see that there are new emails coming in. I can delete them. I cannot view the Incoming emails--I can only see them listed under the Conversations column.I also cannot send new emails out as all email addresses I attempt to use (i.e., those I have committed to memory, since none of my Contacts pop up automatically now) are now indicated to be INVALID.
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  1. Make a backup copy of your outlook message store file , OUTLOOK.PST

    You'll find it here:

    C:\Users\Your account name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pst

    (You'll need to enable "Show hidden files and folders" to see the AppData folder)

    Now uninstall Outlook & re-install Outlook from your Office CD.
  2. Outlook is a buisness oriented email program with a ton of options that are for use in an office envirnment. If your not in that environment then you would be better off using Outlook Express , it's a watered down version of Outlook and much easier to use. You may not have all the filters set uo correctly in Outlook and your address book also may not be set up correctly.
  3. Run SCANPST on your Outlook PST file:
  4. I believe that Outlook Express got the axe by Microsoft a while ago and it's now something like Microsoft Live Email. or something. Thunderbird also works as a goo email client, comparable to Outlook, and it's free.

    I would also re-install Outlook. I'm 99% sure that if you uninstall it, it leaves the directory of your email and the email .pst there w/o touching it. However, after you re-install, you'll have to re-set up Outlook and then import the .pst back to Outlook.
    It is ALWAYS best to make a backup though, to be on the safe side.
  5. nbelote said:
    Run SCANPST on your Outlook PST file:

    Couldn't hurt, but if it's not remembering contacts either, then it's probably something more than just the .pst file. I'm thinking corrupt system file.

    A quick fix MIGHT be to try repairing the installation, but idk if the installer supports that...
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