LG Stepping up its game with LG Cinema 3D update?

I just heard an interesting news and thought I’d share it. So there’s been a heated debate over the matter of active 3D tv versus passive 3D tv. While active 3D TVs (Samsung and Panasonic are two biggest ones I think..) give 3D images in awesome quality, flickers and crosstalks and expensive 3D glasses were the biggest cons. Passive 3D TV (biggest one is LG Cinema 3D) uses lightweight, battery free 3D glasses just like those from the movie theater, thus reducing the flickers and crosstalks. Some people say that passive 3D TVs sacrifice the image quality for its comfort. I guess that just depends on people because when I saw the same demo on both active and passive TVs, I didn’t see much difference in the image quality. In fact, I liked LG Cinema 3D better because it showed the colors more vividly…You can tell how vivid the color is when you look at black. LG Cinema 3D seemed to have deeper black than any other active 3D TVs. Well, in theory, active 3D tvs ARE supposed to have better image quality and some people point that out (I didn’t notice it though). Interestingly, LG just stepped up its game by updating firmware and software on its Cinema 3D series to improve the image quality and resolution. I haven’t seen it but it got a positive review on flashpanel HD site. I mean, if LG Cinema 3D can provide both comfort AND high quality image at the same time, it’s definitely going to tackle down Samsung and Panasonic. I wonder what Samsung and Panasonic will do in reaction…
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  1. That's interesting. Do you know if the updated products are available now?
    I bought a Samsung 3D TV last week and I am totally returning it.
    I was going to give up on 3D TV and exchange it for a regular HDTV instead but I guess I'll check out LG Cinema 3D.
    I paid over $1500 for my Samsung 3D TV and it didn't even come with the 3D glasses...
    I ended up paying another $300 something for the 3D glasses only to find out that they give me flickers and crosstalks. From what you wrote, LG Cinema 3D seems to be much better as well as affordable. Those 3D glasses are probably cheaper than the Samsung ones, right?
    When I saw the demo of Samsung and LG at a local retail store, I didn't notice any difference either but I just decided to listen to others who said that active tvs have better image quality... If LG did an upgrade on the TV to make the picture quality better, then LG Cinema 3D is definitely my choice.
    I better do more research before making any move but this news makes me lean towards LG Cinema 3D.
    Please reply and let me know whether the updated product is available now althought it seemed pretty awesome even without the update.
  2. yea the LG cinema 3D is too good. i've seen it in acction though it takes a little getting used to in my first encounter with it i got my head spinning like crazy, i thought what the hell is that and plus the movie jerked. then someone told my i was sitting too close and well actually he was right i was only several inches away. at another LG center i saw the tv in action again at a proper distance. it had amazing picture quality and incomparable 3D i would recommend the tv to all those who aren't brand conscious. the 3D is honestly AMAZING! and plus the 3D glasses are much much more comfortable and lightweight. The only problem with it is that you cant see the 3D if you aren't sitting. if are sitting a really good 3D is viewable from all angles. Really good addition to the market i hope more brands can make cinematic 3D tv-s!
  3. Oh and the 3D glasses for it are only $1.2 which you can buy outside any cinema. :P
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