Dell xps 420 amber power button problem.

Hello, I'm new here. I'm here for answers about my problem. Yesterday, my neighbourhood had a power outage. After the power outage, my computer cannot be opened again.I found that there is an amber color on my computer's power button.Also, at the back there is a LED blinking, yellow in colour.After a day of that incident, my computer can be used back, but after 9 hours of using the computer, the computer automatically shut down and the amber color comes back.Im unable to continue playing. Please help me!

Sorry for my rotten English!
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  1. Failing power supply?
  2. Yes, I think so, so what action should I take now?

    Also, I can only open my pc before 5pm, not after, after 5pm , the amber color problem will come again.

    EDIT: I attempted to open my pc after 5pm, but I failed to do so, now, a larger problem is here. After opening the pc, a large fan noise was heard and the pc keep on restarting. The amber light is still there, but it goes off every 5 second following with a restart.
  3. Amber light us usually Bad power supply or bad motherboard? Was the PC plugged into a surge protector or directly into a wall outlet? If it was plugged into a wall outlet there would be some serious damage to either the PSU or Motherbaord.
  4. i have a problem like this with inspiron 530 and i can tell you it is not the power supply most of the time its the motherboard
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