Need Security Software for new build: what do you recommend?

Just got all my components for my first and very expensive rig, need a software that can protect anything. I always went with norton, but what should I get now? what's better paid vs free software? should I get a complete internet security suite or get an antivirus and other malware/phishing software?
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  1. Paid: Norton
    Free: Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials.

    I would just get antivirus personally.
  2. I use Microsoft Security Essentials. I haven't used Norton in 4 or 5 years, but I quit using it because it seemed to be a huge system hog. MSE seems to work well, I've never had anything I knew about that it wouldn't catch.

    For added security, use Adblock plus and NoScript on your browser (I use FF with these). NoScript is rather annoying, but if you use it you can surf in relative safety, as long as you don't open the door for a shady site. I'm pretty sure I haven't had any malware since I started using No Script.
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    I recommend Avast free for antivirus,

    Spybot search and destroy ans spyware blaster as "patcher"; use the patch but do not use teatimer and real time scan.

    Install malwarebytes free against future infection.

    You can also use toolwiz time freeze if you think you are a person prone to infection.

    +1 djscribbles for firefox with addons, I would throw in WOT add on for when you google.

    - also don't use java if you can :P

    Good luck
  4. It might be easier to get one security software package instead of all seperate programs. I have just one internet security software that has all of the l
    seerate protections rolled into one package. I use Kaspersky Internet Security and for an unusual deal I got it for free. It cost $60 and had a $60 rebate.
  5. Among the top ten anti-virus programs, there is only about one-tenth of one percent difference in their ability to detect viruses, so it really comes down to which program you like using the best. Some programs have additional features that you may find useful. Many of the paid programs have time limited trials so you can judge for yourself.
  6. I have found Norton to be overly intrusive and it had caused me so many problems over the rears that I simply stopped using it and went with Kaspersky which has been a great anti-virus program for me and is easy to use and update, unlike Norton which you had to uninstall in order to update and it took an act of Congress to uninstall the thing.
  7. MS Security Essentials and add EMET 3.0 as well set to max settings.

    All you need really.
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