Dell dimension 4100 hard drive problem

i got a dell dimension 4100 computer with no hard drive i bought a wd caviar blue 320 GB pata hard drive i got it from best buy and when i put it in i tried to put Linux on it in one partition i restarted it when it was complete and Linux was corrupted after restart so i made three 99.9 gig partitions and it worked when i did that then i put windows on it and a little bit later it said windows cannot start so i reinstalled windows a couple weeks later it corrupted again and it was clicking then six months later it was clicking again an corrupted and it was not recognized in bios and you could install an OS but in a couple hours it click and corrupt.
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  1. Return the hard-drive, get a new one.

    You may want to take some summer school english classes also, you seem to have forgotten how to write in sentences.
  2. i did not get a warranty
  3. 'Clicking' is an early warning sign of impending hard drive failure. Replace the drive or RMA it.
  4. macpcg3 said:
    i did not get a warranty

    Every new drive comes with at least a one year warranty. Unless you are past that already.

    If it's out of warranty, get a new drive, this one is dead.
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