ready for a bunch of questions all at once? lol

i was wondering, how can i determine the stepping of a cpu?

and which is good for a barton?

and how can i verify it before i buy one?

i want to put one on an nforce based board, probably the asus and run it a little over clocked.

i see the different examples people give here regarding the stepping.

but the stepping as written by cpuid or sandra doesnt look anything like the letter combinations i see here.
for example i amlookign at it right now it says,
family 6, model 6, stepping 2,ext family 7, ext model 6, revision a5.

is there a site or an article that explains it better?

i think i remember with my thunderterd it was written on the cpu itself.

do i need to get an oem in person so i can physicaly look at the chip, or can a particular stepping be found in a retail boxed cpu?

can i order the stepping i want?

which is best for aggressive timings and overclocking as opposed to another and why?

is it still a question of copper vs aluminum innerconnectors?

lol can i ask any more questions? lol sorry about that.
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  1. * Usually the stepping code is only important when purchasing a 2200+ or below Athlon XP.

    * Best to buy from a place that guarantees a specific stepping code like <A HREF="" target="_new">ExcaliberPC</A>.
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