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Over the years I've converted my CD's to .mp3, @ 256k.

Now that the wife has bought me a Sansa e250, I've loaded my music onto it. While my PC has no problem with the files, I find that the mp3 player has difficulties with the high bitrate.

Are there any reliable programs available to reduce the files to 128k.
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  1. By trouble, I assume you mean your 2GB MP3 player lacks disk space?
  2. No, the 2 gig player has more than enough disk space.

    Rather my Sansa tends to ignore files that are recorded at rates higher than 128kbps (128 thousand bits per second)

    Most I converted at 256k and a few up to 720, the problem is that 1. my mp3 player won't play the higher bit rate files and 2. at nearly 60 I can't hear the difference between 128k and 720k, so why waste the mp3 space on something I can't use?
  3. I would get an iPod rather than slash the quality of me entire music collection to appease a $30 mp3 player...

    But if you really want to, here is a link to some freeware that will do what you are looking for:

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