What should I buy, Samsung Smart 3D tv or Sony Bravia Internet TV???

Please reply me fast as I am going to buy the TV next week...
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  1. Buy anything but a Samsung.had problems from day 1 and service is the worse I ever had.it came out of the box broken and they keep replacing pieces in it and it still want work and they tell me they are not replacing it.
  2. I like sony products though than samsung...
  3. What size is the "Sony Bravia" ? These days you want a min of 32 inch or better. I have two Sony 32 inch Tvs and they were very expensive but have lasted many yrs.
  4. Sony's Bravia series are usually built a little more robust then other models. Samsung models are almost always minimalist in design, but usually decent quality.

    Bravias though, when they break, can be a pain to troubleshoot and expensive to fix. That said, they usually do last a really long time because they are designed to do so.

    I would go by picture quality. Whatever one you think looks best, get that.
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