Shopping around for 24" WS LCD monitor...

i'm looking at few of these...

i'm liking the first and third.

anybody have those lcds?

do you have any most recent model? if so then how would you recommend them?

are there any review roundup for 2010 lcd models?
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  1. I have the Asus VK246H which is the same as the VW246H but with a built-in webcam.

    Here's my extensive review:
  2. mmmm i just read your review... i would say i think i might go with acer lcd. however i think that monitor are pretty much new so there isn't really any reviews of this but all newegg reviews says its good but not much detail.
  3. Trust me, I would likely give Acer (and the Samsung) a similar review. They are both 3rd tier brand names and both monitors uses similar technologies. Samsung is not a 3rd tier brand name, but that doesn't mean type do not produce crappy monitors.

    I'm pretty particular about monitors; visual quality and construction are at the top of the list. Price is secondary to me.
  4. what 24" lcd would you rate better than lcd you reviewed?
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    I can't really recommend a 24" monitor in your price range since I don't really like monitors that uses TN panels.

    As stated in my review, I use the Asus VK246H between 0 - 5 hours per week so I didn't mind dishing out a litttle bit of money for a cheap monitor.

    Click the following link for some reviews which can help you narrow down your search:
  6. thanks! that was very helpful! i went to frys earlier today and saw lg w2453v-pf and it looked good to me and that site have simliar model lg w2452v so i have picked my lcd i will buy.

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