Razer Orochi Review

The price: $79.99 MSRP (realistically sells for $69.99 at many retailers/etailers).

This is the review for the Razer Orochi wireless gaming mouse, designed for notebook gamers. The technology it uses may make you skeptical of it's performance but fear not Bluetooth and battery life are done right this time. Now this is one of the few mouses which has dual wireless/wired modes apart from the Mamba which is geared towards the desktop wireless/wired gaming market. Let's skip the intro and get straight to the review.

Key Specs:
* Up to 4000 DPI via wired mode, and up to 2000 DPI while on wireless bluetooth connection.
* Wired/Wireless modes
* 2 AA batteries are required (2 energizer AA are provided in the box)
* Teflon feet (standard in gaming mouse)
* Ambidextrous design, as well as comfortable
* 2 Years warranty
* Keep in mind a Bluetooth ready PC or notebook is required for wireless connection


The packaging of the product is quite frankly some of the best I have seen for gaming mice (definitely besting Logitech G9x's packaging). The box feels of a solid cardboard with perhaps some plastic feel to it, I forget what the material layered over the cardboard is called. Anyways the box is sturdy and will not easily be damaged during transit shipping. Yes I have already opened the product and have been using it for 2-3 days now.

Front shot of the box.

Close up of the box

Right side shot

Back of the box

Back of the box top portion

Left Side box

The accessories box, feels like the same material used for the box.

Compartment were the mouse pouch is inside. The pouch itself has a hard clothed divider to separate mouse/accessories like the USB cable.

USB Compartment. USB is gold plated, and braided. The length is around 3 feet, however keep in mind this is not geared for desktop usage but more for notebooks.
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  1. Packaging Continued:

    Close up of USB connectors. As mentioned before it is gold plated. In all honestly you won't notice any performance difference between gold plated or non gold plated however it is a nice touch since it only tops at 4000 DPI on wired.

    Here is the pouch with the manuals, COA, and sticker inside. The manuals pouch sports the Razer brand logo. The sticker is not shown in any picture because it's on my desktop's case. The manuals all feel of high quality paper, while the manual pouch is made of the same material of the box/the accessories box.

    Manuals spread out.

    Enough of packaging unto the mouse!

    Top shot of the mouse while wireless

    I should stop and mention that the plastic cover of the mouse has a rubberized texture to it which helps with grip and keeping oil from the mouse. I have oily hands, and I found it hard to leave any of my body oil on the mouse.

    Here's another top picture, this time laying on the desk with the blue LED on:

    Right side shot:

    Right top side shot, glare at the LED:

    Left Side shot:

    Top left side shot:
  2. Other shots:


    Alright the review will take place into 4 categories each with a score depending on practicality. The scoring will be based on a 100 point system. Since this is a wireless/wired mouse, there will be two parts one for wired/wireless.

    Smoothness, Accuracy, and Center of Gravity 35
    Laser's responsiveness, lag (if present) as well as speed 30
    Grip, Comfort, and styles (ambidextrous, left or right handed etc) 20
    Aesthetics/Value: 15

    Smoothness, Accuracy and Center of Gravity:

    The smoothness of the mouse both with the laser as well as the surface of the mouse is what you would expect from a gaming mouse with teflon feet. Glides anywhere, and everywhere. Smoothness of the laser is tremendously good, I am quite surprised that it is very smooth and accurate enough for sniping. Unlike the G9x, G7, Sidewinder X5/x8 which sometimes have that little "jump" when moving a small distance in high DPI modes this mouse does not have that response lag or jumpiness to it. This is probably due to the fact that it takes advantage of it's 1000 hz polling rate, which basically means it reports 1000 times a second to the computer, in other words a 1ms response which is critical when in run and gun or sniping scenarios.

    For the wired version I give it a 33/35. I cannot give it a full 35/35 for performance reasons. While it did absolutely great it is still not perfect.

    Well it's bluetooth technology so expect the "sleep" modes to kick in after a few seconds of inactivity. Despite this I will not count the sleep mode in the negative for the Orochi as the wake up time on my Orochi is of around .25 seconds. The smoothness of the mouse during wireless mode is quite frankly astonishing. The laser is highly responsive, and of course surface glide is the same as in wired mode. As far as accuracy is concerned the wireless mode did hinder it ever so slightly compared to the wired mode, however it is a minimal change and won't present problems what so ever when sniping or run and gunning.

    For the wireless version I give it a 32/35.

    I would have given it a 34/35 but the fact they're using bluetooth is a big no no because it requires a bluetooth ready PC albeit it does use the BT 2.0 standard. Some notebooks carry a bluetooth integrated adapter (you'd be surprised the amount that don't). So if your notebook has a integrated bluetooth adapter, use the 34/35 score.

    Laser's responsiveness, lag (if present) Speed:

    Wired Mode:
    Well what can I say, responsiveness is top notch among gaming mice. Perhaps not the best even with its 1ms responsive time (1000 hz polling), but most definitely among the top 10 of all gaming mice, and probably #1-#2 in notebook gaming mice (wired/wireless). Speed is more then decent with 4000 DPI using a 3g Laser. I haven't met many people who could handle 5000+ DPI, so I suppose I will only count off for that a bit. Lag is not present whatsoever during wired mode, the 1 ms response time ensures this. Not much to say it's a gaming notebook mouse :P

    Wired scoring: 27/30...

    Probably the best or one of the best notebook gaming mice available.
    Wireless mode:
    2000 DPI is a very decent speed for a wireless mouse (desktop or notebook) so it won't suffer any penalties even though 2000 DPI is not exactly what I would consider prime gaming speed. While the mouse is active (not asleep) there is virtually no lag, sometimes by a weird occasion it may lag when loading a website but it has only happened to me once and I suspect it may be the computer I used as with my notebook, and 2 other desktops that was not the case. Responsiveness is quite good, they claim 8ms wireless response time, and I will eat it up because it sure feels like 8ms.

    Score for wireless: 30/30

    Like I mentioned earlier probably the best gaming notebook mice available. The bluetooth sleep mode can get annoying for those who hate waiting .25 seconds for a wake up, but in all honest it does not bother this reviewer one bit while gaming or not.

    Grip, Comfort, and styles
    Despite the size comfort is through the roof. I have slightly above average size hands while my sister has small hands. Both of us can utilize the mouse using palm style holding. It has support for most fingers (apart from the pinky which barely fits with my hand). Overall no complaints on the comfort department. It is ambidextrous so both right handed/southpaws can enjoy this mouse. A claw style is perhaps the most favorable method of holding the mouse, however palm style is also efficient enough. I should mention this mouse is SMALL because it is geared for notebook gamers who want portability.

    Score for both wired/wireless: 20/20

    Value, performance, and aesthetics:

    The value for the mouse is great and unparalleled at $69.99 since it gives you above average desktop gaming performance with wireless gaming notebook performance. It is portable, includes it's carrying pouch, and feels to be very well made with high quality hard plastic. The laser is well in the excellent category. Since it gives you both Wired/Wireless modes for notebooks (as well as great battery life), it makes it a deal breaker when considering other wireless mouses for notebook gaming. The performance per cost is also pretty nice if you considering a small desktop gaming mouse as well.
    Not only does the mouse perform well but it is elegantly simple. It attracts attention like few other mice do. It's elegant satin black rubberized cover, and it's glossy black underarm create an excellent of example of how BLACK is still the new black.

    Score for Wired/Wireless: A perfect 15/15

    Now to tally up the score:
  3. In the category

    Smoothness, Accuracy and Center of Gravity:
    UPDATE: Sorry I forgot to mention that the center of gravity feels to be in the center of the mouse, so that allows for better movement.

    Wired scores: 33/35

    Wireless scores: 32/35

    Next category:

    Laser's responsiveness, lag (if present) Speed:
    Wired scores: 27/30

    Wireless score: 30/30

    Third category:

    Grip, Comfort, and styles
    Wired/Wireless: 20/20

    Value, performance, and aesthetics:
    Wired/Wireless: 15/15

    Total wired score: 95/100
    Total wireless score: 97/100


    Razer definitely did right by this mouse by implementing the right blend of practicality and performance while keeping costs to a reasonable price. The comfort, performance and aesthetics are unrivaled for in the wireless/wired notebook gaming market. 2 years warranty is also a nice touch for peace of mind. This is probably the best notebook gaming mouse in the market available.
  4. But does it work on a Mac? And why is the usb cable not translucent?
    Seriously now - can you adjust weight of the mouse? I thought this was what made the difference between a real pro gaming mouse and just a good general purpose one...
  5. Yes it will work with a Mac, however your limited to how many buttons you can use (I forget which custom buttons you can use.

    No you cannot adjust the weight of the mouse it is a notebook gaming mouse. And no a weight system does not make a mouse "pro". What makes a mouse pro is accuracy, smoothness, and speed. Weight systems are just extras.

    I have a Logitech g9x, had a G7, and several Microsoft gaming/average mice. I can assure you a weight system was not required. The g9x can be weight customized, and the grip changed.

    I found that the gamer matters far more then the mouse as my cousin using my g9x couldnt get more frags then when he used a regular mouse. Yet with other people it may impact their frags for the better. If you think your doing bad because you dont have a weight system, then I am afraid you can't blame the mouse. Unless it's like defective then it's common sense.
  6. well you could easily use USB overdrive or Steermouse on MAc .... u can then use all 7 buttons.!!!!!
  7. correct. the players natural reaction speed will matter more than what type of mouse is being used. as for mouse responsiveness, we can adjust that with windows/game settings to match our preferences.

    a few minor things to note about your review:

    -wireless mice can and do go bad after a few years. the poor battery has a hard life.
    -if you are a fan of lifting your mouse off the pad while gaming laser mice *will* track causing your cursor/reticle to shift violently in some odd direction.
    -keep in mind that unless you lower mouse speed in game 2000-4000 dpi is insanely fast. on average 900-1800dpi is more than enough with default settings in game.
    -the razer rubber & gloss black finish is quite annoying if you get any skin oils, dust, or both onto the surface. or if you use lotion to combat dry hands in winter. the surface requires at least weekly cleaning if this is the case to prevent a gritty or slick feel.

    otherwise some good info you put forward. great topic for anyone looking for the opinion of someone who bought and used it already. you might want to make any future reviews sound less like a paid advertisement though (if you dont mind some constructive criticizm)
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