How much do you think I can get for Rocketfish HDMI cable?

Hi guys.

About a year ago we got these'-HDMI-Digital-A/V-Cable-for-Xbox-360/8993388.p?id=1218008132313&skuId=8993388

and we never had the chance to use them because we were always so busy and we put them away, later we bought a different HDMI cable and probably used it only once or twice.

We got these in a bundle with an xbox controller and charger all for $100 on blackfriday ( i believe the bundle was originally $200)
This year we got a smart TV and we already had other HDMI Cables so we dont need this one.

How much do you think I could get for these if i sold them on craigslist or facebook?
They're brand new, never opened, but no receipt.
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  1. Hello,

    Normally, your HDMI cable carries audio information along with the video from a source device to the sink device (display/television). Often times this goes through an AV receiver to drive a home theater audio system. The Audio Return Channel is primarily used to send the audio signal generated by the television when its internal tuner is used, back to the AV receiver, so that you can use your home theater audio system when watching television signals.

    The Deep Color feature provides a minimum of 8-bits per color element (24-bits total), providing for a total of over 16 million color variations. Other versions of Deep Color allow for up to 16-bits per element, for a total of 48-bits and over 281 trillion color variations, which really makes your video images come to life!

    Best Regards,
    Derren Brown

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