Tuner to output over the air tv to projector

I have a projector. IT has about every input available. I don't have a tv. In the old days you could get a vcr and connect it up and use the vcr to select the over the air channel and watch the output on the projector.

Times have changed and it seems DVD/Blue Ray players don't have tuners. I want to watch network tv (not cable, over the air) using my projector. So I think I need a tuner that will output the selected channel to the projector (and the audio to my stereo).

Haven't found anything. Help?
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  1. If your projector is HD then you will need a digital over the air HD tuner such as this
    Make sure it has HD out not just SD for older tvs.
    If your projector is not HD then you can use one of the converter boxes that are available for older tvs that will output video or svideo.
  2. Thanks!
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