What is the first thing you do when you get a new laptop?

OK, my new laptop is arriving today. It’s my first laptop and my first “new” computer in at least 10 years.
So my question is this:

What are the first things you like to do when you get a new laptop?

Do you scrub off the bloat ware? Swap to your favorite antivirus program? Over clock? System backup? Windows update? Look for new drivers?

As an expert, what would you recommend?

(If it matters I have a Gateway P-7908u FX Edition running Windows 7)
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    Considering that it will speed up all the other steps, I'd say that removing the poopware and otherwise minimizing Startup items is probably #1. That can be done before you even get it online.
    Before putting it online, make sure that you've got a firewall turned on; the one in Windows if it didn't come with any security software.
    Then I get it online and look for Windows updates. On a laptop, I am a little hesitant about general driver updates, and if it ain't broke, don't try to "fix" it.
    Overclocking probably can't be done, and in any case would probably be a bad idea considering the thermal problems that's likely to cause, and reduction in battery life.
    I probably don't do a backup until I've made the first pass through everything, as the included system restore disks will suffice until you've made a lot of changes.
  2. 1. Make system image.

    2. Uninstall Bloatware

    3. Run Wundoze Update (Express not custom....I do not let WU install hardware drivers)

    4. Update Hardware Drivers from laptop vendor's web site.

    5. Make backup image

    6. Partition

    7. Install programs including firewall, AV and malware protection.

    I don't OC laptops.....performance laptops have enough heat issues to deal with.
  3. 1. create the recovery disk
    2. Uninstall antirus, free games and trial software
    3. run msconfig,
    under services tab, check the hide all micrsoft services box. then disable any all other services. Under the startup tab disable everything. and restart
    4. update drivers.
    5.install favorite AV
    6. run a bunch of game benchmarks to report and compare to your desktop.
  4. Everyone I set up computers for?
    1. Erase the drive and clean load o/s.
    2. Load the newest drivers, preferably from the device manufacturer, not the OEM of the laptop.
    3. Load windows updates.
    4. Load and configure my standard programs (things like 7zip, foxit reader, trillian etc.)
    5. Disable anything that starts up with windows.

    Personally I also disable UAC, windows security center messages, action center messages, automatic updates and the recycle bin.
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