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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop. It always works great except for one problem I have had from the beginning. When I am at some place like Starbucks or the Library and want to use the internet, my computer will show me the list of "Wireless Network Connections" available and I can click on the library for example and it will connect just fine. It will show the word "Connected" under the "Library" connection. But it will also say "No Internet Access". This happens anytime I go to a free wifi hotspot. I have learned that there is an additional login required. So for the library I would have to pull up my browser, go to their website and find their login. The problem with this is that sometimes you don't know the URL to their website so you can't login. Please tell me there is some setting on my computer I can change to make the login screen come up automatically or even bypass this option. When I use these wifi hotspots with my phone or Google Nexus I never have this problem.
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  1. These free hotspots will always have a password for the use of thier free Wifi and it's just a matter of putting it in and on your laptop you should have a setting where you can store the user name and password bt simply checking a box that says remember me. I have a lot of web sites that I am a member of that requires a user name and password to log in but if check the box that says remember me then when I go to these web pages I'm automaticly signed in. It really depends on the site , if the security is high thenyou'll have to sign in all the time , if it's medium or low then there is the box that can be checked off.
    The other thing that you can do is go into internet options and under the security tab you'll see the green arrow that says trusted sites and when your on the login page add it to your trusted sites and that will keep you signed in.
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