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I can't seem to connect to the internet, the computer says I need to turn on the connection.
How do you do that when there is no button to turn it on is it in the keyboard? We have a toshiba satellite c675 model
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  1. You most likly have the network card turned off so you have to go to the internet connection center and if the option to connect is there you can select that but if that doesn't work you'll have to go to the adaptor settings and turn on the adaptor. It may be disabled right now so you'll have to enable it.
  2. Some laptops have a switch on the front or the side to turn on/off wireless. Some use a fn key. It could be disabled in device manager. The driver might not be installed. We need a little more information.
  3. did you activate the network card and the wi-fi one use the config free for wireless settings see your use manual
  4. Call me captain obvious but you do have a wireless router connected to your modem correct?
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