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I'm torn between the Toshiba Satellite and the Fujitsu Lifebook. While the Toshiba has all the bells and whistles like slot drive, larger screen, backlit keyboard, Harmon Karden speakers, the Fujitsu has DDR3, Bluetooth and drop/spill resistance. Toshibas AMD Turion Ultra M600 clocks faster than Intels i3. Any advice?
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  1. No one has an opinion, don't worry my feelings won't be hurt?
  2. Toshiba personally, fujitsu to me has always just been a camera brand, never a laptop brand, i would go for toshiba based on brand recognition alone personally
  3. The camera brand is FujiFilm -- Fujitsu is one of the oldest names in computing in Japan -- but I'd agree with the rest of the post.

    I'd always go with Toshiba -- though also have a look at Lenovo. At present, avoid Acer.
  4. sonicone said:
    No one has an opinion, don't worry my feelings won't be hurt?

    I love my fujitsu, I wouldn't even breathe the word Lenovo in the same sentence with's like comparing pig slop with fancy french pastries...
  5. The once great Fujitsu name is now coupled to Siemens in the UK.

    Last time I saw one of their laptops was in Staples -- not what I'd regard as pearls before swine.

    Lenovo have inherited the IBM Thinkpad designs -- which were tough little laptops.
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